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Pure sodium ascorbate powder - Superior Quality - 500 gr

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Pure sodium ascorbate powder - Superior Quality - 500 gr

Superior quality: Sodium ascorbate

500 gram jar.

  1. # Description # 100% Pur Ascorbate powder superfine (CAS 134-03-02)
    • Packaging in a jar with a lid!
    • Lot number and expiry date printed on the jar for optimal use.
    • Sodium ascorbate is the non-acidic form of vitamin C. It is recommended for people with ulcers or certain gastrointestinal sensitivities.
    • Sodium ascorbate has the same properties and benefits as vitamin C.

  2. # Features #
    • 100% Sodium ascorbate powder.
    • This high quality form of Vitamin C is suitable for people who may experience digestive upset with the pure form of Vitamin C (L - (+) - ascorbic acid).

  3. # How to use and recommendation #
    • The measuring spoon in the jar delivers 250mg of sodium ascorbate (225mg of vitamin C).
    • Pour two level measuring spoons in half a glass of water or fruit juice and consume.
    • Consume twice a day, in the morning and in the evening after a meal.
    • It is advisable to avoid a diet high in sodium during the sodium ascorbate cure period. According to the World Health Organization, do not exceed 2 gr of sodium per day (source: ).


    • People with hemochromatosis (an inherited genetic condition that results in excess iron).